Bitcoin Self Custody

Saidler & Co. is the majority shareholder of Numbrs - a Swiss Bitcoin company that provides an institutional-grade self-custody solution for private investors with significant Bitcoin holdings. If you would like to learn more about the Bitcoin Self Custody Solution of Numbrs please visit:

Bitcoin Self Custody - The New Sovereignty

When you buy Bitcoin from an exchange or bank and store it there, they have complete control over your assets as they control the private key to your Bitcoin. A private key is like a password that you can use to access and manage your Bitcoin. Anyone who knows your private key can make transactions without your permission.

Not controlling your private keys exposes your assets to severe privacy and security risks. In case of bankruptcy, hack, or confiscation, you can lose all your assets. Self Custody, instead, means that you alone are the owner of your private key and the custodian of your Bitcoin. You alone own and control your Bitcoin. By design, Bitcoin eliminates the risks of entrusting your assets to banks or any other third parties for the first time in history.

A self-custody solution is made for clients that have understood the full potential of Bitcoin and want to take advantage of it. For Numbrs, this is a matter of principle. With Numbrs, your Bitcoin belongs to you and you alone. You are the sole owner of your Bitcoin and completely independent of banks or any institutional influence. Only you own your private key, which is fully encrypted and secured in a cold storage solution in Switzerland.