Co-Investing with Saidler & Co.

Our Vision

Software is eating the world. We are in the middle of a global transformation where politics, society and the economy advance from analog to digital. It is a tectonic shift in business, and a redistribution of wealth, that we have not seen since the industrial revolution.

Everything is becoming technology. One industry after another is being disrupted by technology. The retail, media, automobile, travel and healthcare industries are just a few examples. The financial services industry is no exception. Quite to the contrary, the inherently digital nature of financial services, and money in general, make the industry particularly prone to digital disruption. 

Our Company

We at Saidler & Co. live and breath technology. We understand and write code. We do not hire bankers, we hire software engineers. We have our own development center. We understand ourselves as a digerati merchant banking firm. The firm’s purpose is to acquire equity interests alongside a selected group of leading private and institutional investors in technology-driven companies in the financial services industry.

Saidler & Co. combines the tradition of merchant banking with its extensive expertise in technology. Digerati means you need to have both to succeed in today’s world, the well-educated individuals who understand people and communication as well as the experts who understand technology and digitalisation. 

Our First Class Co-Investors 

A selected group of 50+ leading private and institutional investors from Switzerland, Europe, Israel and US invests alongside Saidler & Co. Many of these families are coming from the global financial services industry and have led or owned banks, insurances, hedge funds or private equity firms. 

Our co-investors understand the disruptive power of technology and share our vision for the industry. Among the noted list of co-investors are Sir Ronald Cohen (co-founder of APAX Partners), Mr Marcel Ospel (former Executive Chairman UBS), Mr Pierre Mirabaud (founding family of Mirabaud Private Bank), Mr Josef Ackermann (former CEO and Chairman Deutsche Bank Group), Mr. Alan Howard (founder of Brevan Howard), Mr Marius Nacht (co-founder of Checkpoint (NASDAQ)) and the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Dubai. 

Our Co-Investment Vehicle

Saidler & Co. deploys its own capital alongside a dedicated, regulated co-investment vehicle. The co-investment vehicle enables an investor to join forces with Saidler & Co. and 50+ other like minded families to achieve the significance and scale necessary to bring large projects to fruition. 

The co-investment vehicle is exclusively dedicated to digerati projects in the financial services industry (including crypto), and always invests to the identical conditions as its sponsor, Saidler & Co. Please contact us, if you are interested to join our group of noted co-investors.