Family Saidler Donates For Pilgrimage Site

Within the last 3 years, the Saidler family has generously donated a total amount of CHF 150’000 to the pilgrimage site “Skalka nad Váhom” in Slovakia. 

The sanctuary “Skalka nad Váhom” is among the oldest pilgrimage sites in Slovakia, located in close vicinity to the village “Skalka nad Váhom” in the Diocese of Nitra. The history of the sanctuary dates back to the 11th century and is deeply connected with the lives of St Andrew Svorad and St Beňadik, who lived in this sacred place for many years. 

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The generous donation of the Saidler family was used for the renovation of the sanctuary and the construction of a new residence and restaurant for pilgrims. The sanctuary consists of two parts: Malá (Small) and Veľká (Big) Skalka.

The center of Malá Skalka is the local church, a diocesan sanctuary of St Andrew Svorad and St Beňadik, built on the rock from which St Beňadik was thrown into the river Váh. The other part “Veľká Skalka” consists of the Benedictine abbey built in 1224, where the cave Beňadik is located.

The donation to the pilgrimage site is part of the philanthropic activities of the family Saidler.