Focus Area

Investment Thesis
The emergence of new technologies, protocols and blockchains are fundamentally reshaping financial services. A new digital asset class is being created in which scarcity is based on mathematical properties and its core technologies feature the unique capability of trust between users, developers and the platform. This trust emerges from the mathematical and game-theoretic properties of the system, without depending on the trustworthiness of individual network participants. It is a new world of computable trust and scarcity with mathematical reliability.

The Swiss Investment Firm
Saidler & Co. is an Swiss investment firm fully dedicated to these technologies and new digital asset class with a particular focus on the fintech and blockchain sectors. Since 1996, Saidler & Co. has exclusively been investing into 200+ technology businesses and taken calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries. The firm’s purpose is to acquire interests in disruptive companies and networks through the acquisition of utility, security and governance tokens, genesis blocks or equity interests.

Co-Investments With Saidler & Co.
Saidler & Co. stands for Saidler and Company. The principal owner, the family Saidler, partners with selected parties representing “and Company” in the firm’s name Saidler & Co. The firm usually deploys its own capital alongside a curated group of 100+ leading private and institutional investors through the creation of deal specific SPVs.