By Invitation Only Hedge Fund

The Crypto Hedge Fund is by invitation only. If you have received an invitation, you must first create a login by following the link provided here.

If you have not received an invitation and think you should have, please contact a Saidler & Co. Investment Management LLC representative.

Crypto Hedge Fund

Saidler & Co. is a Swiss investment firm founded and controlled by the Saidler family. The firm invests across the financial services and media industries, and has assets worth around CHF 2 billion. Saidler & Co. is organized as a hedge fund and an investment company.

Since 1999, the aim of the Saidler & Co. House View investment strategy has been to generate exceptional returns by profiting from disruptive market changes triggered by technological upheaval. Today, the Saidler & Co. House View portfolio exclusively focuses on Bitcoin, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the blockchain space.

Since 2021, Saidler & Co. Investment Management LLC has been in charge of bringing the Saidler & Co. House View strategy to outside partners via the Crypto Hedge Fund it manages for external investors. This co-investment principle ensures that the Saidler family and its partners have fully aligned interests.

Investment Thesis

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Over the next decade, all aspects of our lives will be digitized and rebuilt using blockchains and smart contracts, thus creating a new decentralized economy. Blockchain technology essentially removes the need for intermediaries.

The ensuing disruption will be wide-reaching and impact all industries, with financial institutions such as banks and custodians initially bearing the brunt of the disruption. We believe that a dedicated team with technical and financial-market expertise, and an active participation in crypto networks is best equipped to fully capitalize on an opportunity that is moving and evolving so rapidly.