Open Positions

Crypto Research

Crypto researchers analyse the macro environment, emerging trends and specific investment opportunities in the crypto space. They are involved throughout the whole process of sourcing, evaluating and executing investments in some of the most promising projects in the industry. As part of their work, crypto researchers create cutting-edge research for internal and external purposes. We are looking for passionate experts in cryptographic assets who truly understand the details of emerging Web3 and DeFi projects as well as smart contract platforms.


Traders monitor markets in real time, develop and improve trading algorithms, execute trades and analyse data to create better trading models. We are looking for candidates with a strong quantitative background with experience in trading various financial instruments, including crypto assets.

Data Scientists

Work on deep learning and generative adversarial networks with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains to analyse their structures, cluster transactions and entities, forecast events, and apply data augmentation and anomaly detection to develop our on-chain analytics platform with our software engineers. We are looking for unconventional machine learning scientists to bring disruptive ideas and alternative prospectives into our team.

Software Developers

Develop the core functionalities of our analytics platform, integrate with different blockchains and DeFi applications, and define the REST APIs consumed by our customers in our big data microservice based architecture. You are passionate about crypto with a deep technical knowledge of blockchains and their data structures, especially with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Join our team of software engineers and machine learning scientists to develop our on-chain analytics platform.

Technology Analysts

As a technology analyst at Saidler & Co., you create in-depth research for a particular worldview, cutting edge technology trend, or mindset that helps define the future – explaining the what, how, and why they matter; what’s hype vs. what’s real; where are we now, what’s coming next, where are we going? Our quality standards are high: we check and edit for credibility, accuracy, facts, and more. 


Operational staff are responsible for the administrative management of our investment funds, including regulatory, legal, compliance, tax and accounting matters. We are looking for candidates with experience in traditional fund management and/or private equity who are passionate about crypto assets and excited to learn as well as to get things done in an unstructured environment.