Saidler & Co. invests in historic buildings in the residential sector. The firm’s property portfolio includes buildings from the 14th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Focusing on Central Europe and Switzerland, in particular, Saidler & Co. invests its own capital to acquire and renovate noteworthy buildings of historic value.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Preserving European cultural heritage requires great technical skill as well as historical knowledge and sensitivity. The preservation and development of historic buildings with unique cultural value requires in-depth knowledge regarding the specific architectural history, cultural-historical building ethics, spatial structures and building materials of each building.

Restoration and Renovation

Historic buildings are testimonies to our history and culture. Some of them are listed buildings. Others have emotional or personal value. Saidler & Co invests significantly in order to preserve and renovate the existing substance of listed historic buildings. We take great care in preserving the frescoes, ornaments and façades which render each building unique. All our properties are completely refurbished with great attention to detail and high-quality materials. With our expertise and many years of experience, we adapt historic buildings to today's spatial, technical and material requirements through necessary, targeted and professional interventions.

Saidler & Co. is committed to maintaining a balance between the preservation of historically significant buildings and the economic realities of refurbishment and maintenance. We achieve this cost balance through rigorous cost management and expertise accumulated over many years. In doing this, we create profitable investment opportunities for tenants or operators and beautifully timeless living spaces.

The Headquarters

Saidler & Co.’s headquarters was originally built in 1770 and is in a prime location in the old town of Zug. Saidler & Co. led an extensive renovation project to restore the building to its traditional grandeur. Today, it is an exclusive and beautifully preserved residence in Switzerland. The building is used as the headquarters of Saidler & Co. and for social events.