Saidler & Co. at the GLF's Annual Meeting

In October, the GLF held its Annual Meeting at the UBS Center for Education and Dialogue in Wolfsberg, Switzerland. The meeting was attended by former presidents, prime ministers, high-ranking ministers and other distinguished leaders, as well as members of the International Council representing a wide range of professions.

Among those in attendance were Mr Kaspar Villiger (Former President, Swiss Confederation), Mrs Micheline Calmy Rey (Former President, Swiss Confederation), Mr Tom Pickering (Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations), Mr George Robertson (Former Secretary General of NATO), Mr. Hikment Çetin (Former Deputy Prime Minister, Turkey),  Mrs Barbara Barret (Former US Secretary of the Air Force), Mrs Helen Clark (Former Prime Minister of New Zealand) and many more.

The three-day meeting involved confidential discussions on GLF's current hotspots and projects, as well as various panel discussions on Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa in a more private and personal setting. 

As the main donor, Saidler & Co. had the privilege of supporting the GLF in hosting the event and distributed the House View to the Annual Meeting’s attendees. It was a particular honor and privilege for us to witness the great interest that GLF members showed towards the House View and many interesting and meaningful private conversations were held regarding its contents.

The Annual Meeting concluded with the FW De Klerk Annual Memorial Dinner sponsored by Saidler & Co, which honored FW's great spirit in a private setting and reverent manner. The Memorial Dinner was attended by FW De Klerk’s widow, Elita Georgiadi, and over 80 guests. FW de Klerk founded the GLF and was the last president of South Africa under white-minority rule, who freed Nelson Mandela from prison and steered the country from apartheid to democracy. 

Saidler & Co. is proud to be a part of the GLF and will continue to expand and extend its partnership with the foundation.