Saidler & Co. Completes Renovation of Headquarters

Saider & Co. is delighted to announce the completion of the renovation of its historic headquarters. The headquarters are situated in the heart of Zug’s iconic old town in an address with a long and distinguished history. 

After several years of costly and intensive renovation, involving the expertise of world-class architects and artisans, Saidler & Co. has restored the building to its original splendor. The building now boasts five floors, covering over 500m2, and a roof terrace of nearly 50m2, which provides breathtaking views over Zug’s iconic old town and Lake Zug. Another highlight is the historic veranda, which was originally designed by Emil Weber (1879-1945), a well-known Swiss architect. It was built in 1913 and is of special architectural-historical value.

The refurbished interior blends modern convenience with historical legacy. It is adorned by exquisite finishings and elegant interiors that include iconic pieces such as a majestic 19th-century armchair from the Viennese Stock Exchange designed by the renowned Danish-Austrian architect Theophil Hansen (1813-1891), fine glass vitrines and other sophisticated 19th-century furnishings. 

The building now serves as the headquarters of Saidler & Co. It is used to welcome partners and co-investors and hold exclusive social functions.