Saidler & Co. Enters Into Partnership with Decrypt - The Leading Crypto Media Company with 4 Million Readers

Saidler & Co. is delighted to announce its research partnership with Decrypt, the leading crypto media company with over 4 million monthly readers. As part of the partnership, jointly selected research topics will be covered in informative articles aimed at educating the broader crypto space. The articles will be published on a weekly-basis on both the Saidler.com and Decrypt.com websites. 

Saidler & Co. and Decrypt share the vision of a decentralised future with Web3 and the decentralised internet going mainstream. With the partnership, Saidler & Co. joins forces with Decrypt to help shed some light onto some of the most relevant topics and fundamental technologies underpinning this industry.  

Decrypt was founded in 2018 with the mission to demystify the decentralized web. With 4 million monthly readers and a heavily US-based, well-educated audience, Decrypt is the fastest growing news site covering the blockchain space, increasing its audience by 20x in 2020. ConsenSys, the software technology company of Joseph Lubin (Co-founder of Ethereum), is the major investor behind the company.

With the research partnership with Decrypt, Saidler & Co. is accelerating its crypto-related activities, underlying its ambitious goals to solidify and extend its position as a leading crypto and blockchain investment firm in Europe.

Saidler & Co. Finance AG is – besides Saidler & Co. Capital AG and Saidler & Co. Property AG – one of the three pillars of Saidler & Co., the Swiss investment firm controlled by the Saidler family. As of February 2021, Saidler & Co. Finance AG managed CHF 500m in assets under management.