Saidler & Co. Invests in Online News Platform Denník Štandard​

We are delighted to announce an investment in the online news platform “Denník Štandard​” in Slovakia.

D​enník Štandard is an emerging media company in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Saidler & Co. Capital AG’s contribution will be to support ​Denník Štandard with capital, technological expertise and its extensive network.

Since its incorporation, Saidler & Co. Capital’s purpose has always been to acquire equity interests in disruptive companies across the fintech, crypto and media industries. Through the family’s own entrepreneurial tradition and expertise in technology, Saidler & Co. Capital developed an appetite to back the most disruptive businesses and take calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries.

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With the investment in Denník Štandard​, Saidler & Co. Capital is pleased to join the majority and founding shareholder Mr. Peter Núñez. Mr. Núñez is a leading media entrepreneur, producer and director of well-known film and tv series in Central Eastern Europe.

Technology and the media are interwoven, and just like industries before it, MediaTech is emerging to address the fast-moving pace of technology and the impact on the resulting media economy. Especially with the rise of blockchain technology, the media industry will change significantly. Blockchain technologies could permit bypassing content aggregators, platform providers, and royalty collection associations to a large extent. The blockchain technology will therefore fundamentally reset pricing, advertising, revenue sharing, and royalty payment processing.

With this in mind, to ensure participation in this blockchain-driven development, Saidler & Co. Capital AG invested in ​Denník Štandard​. Saidler & Co. Capital AG is – besides Saidler & Co. Finance AG and Saidler & Co. Property AG – one of the three pillars of Saidler & Co., the Swiss investment firm controlled by the Saidler family.