Saidler & Co. Launches Blockchain and Crypto Research Firm

Saidler & Co. Finance AG is delighted to announce the launch of its own research institute fully dedicated to blockchain and crypto. 

The research institute's defined purpose is to foster deep domain expertise, fundamental research and thought leadership across the blockchain and crypto industries. The goal is to develop a differentiated view on the latest developments, technologies and companies, creating an edge for our investment and trading divisions. 

The full research is made available to our co-investors through our dedicated investor portal. Selected parts of this research will be as well published on our website for wider circulation. 

The initial team consists of distinguished, cryptonative experts located in the blockchain hubs the United Staates and Switzerland. The research team specialises in cryptography, economics, game theory, p2p networking, security and distributed computing.

With the launch of its own research institute, Saidler & Co. Finance AG is accelerating its crypto-related investment activities, underlying its ambitious goals to solidify and extend its position as a leading crypto and blockchain investment firm in Europe.

Saidler & Co. Finance AG is - besides Saidler & Co. Capital AG and Saidler & Co. Property AG - one of the three pillars of Saidler & Co., the Swiss investment firm controlled by the Saidler family. As of February 2021, Saidler & Co. Finance AG managed CHF 500m in assets under management.