Increase of Investment in Bitcoin Company Numbrs to CHF 31m

Saidler & Co. today announces a further increase of its investment in its portfolio company Numbrs. The latest investment brings Saidler & Co.'s total investment over the last 24 months to CHF 31 million.

Numbrs recently launched its new flagship product the Bitcoin Account. Aligned with the needs of sophisticated private investors, seeking independence from the control of central organisations, Numbrs built an institutional grade self-custody solution to store Bitcoin in a high security military bunker in Switzerland. The Bitcoin Account is the first product from Numbrs that is available globally. 

Saidler & Co. is highly pleased with the recent developments at Numbrs and the positive market feedback to the Bitcoin Account. With the global launch of the Bitcoin Account, Numbrs has proven it can scale beyond its traditional markets in Europe to the US and beyond. 

With the latest investment into Numbrs, Saidler & Co. is accelerating its crypto-related investment activities, underlying its ambitious goals to solidify and extend its position as a leading crypto and blockchain investment firm in Europe.

Numbrs is a portfolio company of Saidler & Co. Finance AG. Saidler & Co. Finance is – besides Saidler & Co. Capital AG and Saidler & Co. Property AG – one of the three pillars of Saidler & Co., the Swiss investment firm controlled by the Saidler family.