Saidler & Co.’s Invests an Additional CHF 3.5m in Portfolio Company Numbrs to Launch Bitcoin Account

Saidler & Co. is delighted to announce an additional investment of CHF 3.5m into its portfolio company Numbrs. The new capital injection is bringing Saidler & Co.’s total investment in Numbrs to over CHF 25m since 2020. The capital will go towards the marketing and further development of Numbrs new product. On November 1st, Numbrs launched the Bitcoin Account. 

In a world controlled by central banks, governments and intermediaries, everything we do is tracked and everything we own is dependent on the approval of these institutions. We are not free, we are 100% relying on these institutions and often do not even own our own assets. Bitcoin is the antithesis of this.

Bitcoin creates a new monetary system. A monetary system built on the principles of freedom, independence, self-determination and inclusiveness. The pseudonymous founder (Satoshi Nakamoto) of Bitcoin devised a pair of revolutionary, intertwined concepts to set its users free of the restrictions of central organisations and governments: the Bitcoin private key and the blockchain ledger.

When you hold Bitcoin, you control it through a private key — a string of randomized numbers and letters that unlocks a virtual vault containing your assets. Each private key is tracked on the virtual ledger called the blockchain. Both concepts together enable every individual to become their own bank, being 100% in control of their own assets.

In contrast, when we buy Bitcoins from an exchange or a bank and store them there, we do not actually own our Bitcoins. Exchanges and banks have total control because they own the private key to our Bitcoins. By doing so, our assets are exposed to privacy and security risks. And in case of bankruptcy or a hack, we may lose everything.

Aligned with the needs of sophisticated private investors, seeking independence from the control of central organisations, Numbrs built an institutional grade self-custody solution to store Bitcoin in a high security military bunker in Switzerland. Numbrs is a Swiss company controlled by Swiss shareholders, adhering to the strict Swiss standards of privacy, neutrality and stability.

Numbrs is a portfolio company of Saidler & Co. Finance AG. Saidler & Co. Finance is – besides Saidler & Co. Capital AG and Saidler & Co. Property AG – one of the three pillars of Saidler & Co., the Swiss investment firm controlled by the Saidler family.