The Firm

Saidler & Co. is a Swiss investment firm founded and controlled by the Saidler family. The firm runs its own proprietary trading arm and controls a portfolio of blockchain and crypto assets. We believe crypto will be the defining technology of the decades to come, triggering a revolution that will change everything. Nothing will remain the same.

The firm’s purpose is to acquire equity interests alongside a selected group of leading private and institutional investors in the crypto and blockchain industries. Since 1996, Saidler & Co. has invested into 200+ disruptive businesses and taken calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries. 

Saidler & Co. stands for Saidler and Company. The principal owner, the family Saidler, partners with selected parties representing “and Company” in the firm’s name Saidler & Co. The firm usually deploys its own capital alongside a curated group of 100+ leading private and institutional investors through the creation of regulated investment funds.


The History

Entrepreneurs Since 13 Generations

The history of the family Saidler and the firm Saidler & Co. are closely intertwined. The ancestry of the family – and its entrepreneurial legacy – can be traced back for 13 generations to the countries of the former Habsburgian imperial and royal monarchy (k.u.k monarchy), in particular to Austria and the Czech Republic.

“straw hat factory” by Wenzel Saidler in the year 1862 in Vienna.


“straw hat factory” by Wenzel Saidler in the year 1862 in Vienna.

History of Funding Disruptive Entrepreneurs

Saidler & Co. was founded on the family’s long investing history of backing entrepreneurs whom the family felt were ahead of their times. Through the family’s own entrepreneurial tradition and expertise in technology, Saidler & Co. developed an appetite to back the most disruptive businesses and take calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries.

Saidler & Co. Are Long-Term Investors

Saidler & Co. are long-term investors. We believe that the key measure of our success is the shareholder value we create over the long-term. We have and will continue to make bold investment decisions focussed on the long-term proliferation of disruptive technologies, rather  than short-term profitability aspirations. We plan for generations and measure success in terms of years, not quarters, enabling our portfolio companies to focus on generating attractive returns over the long-term