The Firm

Saidler & Co. is a Swiss investment firm founded by the Saidler family. The firm controls a portfolio of fintech, crypto and blockchain assets across Europe, Israel and the US. 

The firm’s purpose is to acquire equity interests alongside a selected group of leading private and institutional investors in technology-driven companies in the fintech, crypto and blockchain industries. Since 1996, Saidler & Co. has invested into 200+ disruptive businesses and taken calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries. 

Saidler & Co. stands for Saidler and Company. The principal owner, the family Saidler, partners with selected parties representing “and Company” in the firm’s name Saidler & Co. The firm usually deploys its own capital alongside a curated group of 100+ leading private and institutional investors through the creation of deal specific special purpose vehicles (SPVs).