Saidler & Co. - A Swiss Investment Firm

Saidler & Co. is a Swiss investment firm founded and controlled by the Saidler family. At the core of Saidler & Co. is the House View, the firm’s proprietary research. All of the firm's investment strategies and businesses follow the House View research exclusively.

The firm’s purpose is to acquire equity interests alongside a selected group of leading private and institutional investors. Since 1996, Saidler & Co. has invested into 200+ disruptive businesses and taken calculated risks on technological innovations with the potential to reshape industries.

Saidler & Co. stands for Saidler and Company. The principal owner, the family Saidler, partners with selected parties representing “and Company” in the firm’s name Saidler & Co. The firm usually deploys its own capital alongside a curated group of 100+ leading private and institutional investors.

Saidler & Co. has its headquarters in Switzerland in the canton of Zug and employs 30 professionals around the world in a variety of disciplines who apply our forward-looking vision, entrepreneurial spirit and leading investment expertise.

From Merchants to Finance

The history of the family Saidler and the firm Saidler & Co. are closely intertwined. The ancestry of the family - and its entrepreneurial legacy - can be traced back for 13 generations to the countries of the former Habsburgian imperial and royal monarchy (k.u.k monarchy), in particular to Austria and the Czech Republic.

For thirteen generations the Saidler family have used their commercial expertise to manage their assets through wars, economic depressions and political crises. The mercantile acumen of the Saidler family has allowed them to develop deep financial understanding, which informs the long-term investment vision of Saidler & Co.

Understanding Change

Saidler & Co. has been at the forefront of change for nearly 30 years. In 1996, Saidler & Co. started investing in internet companies that built the digital infrastructure of the last decades. Since then, Saidler & Co. has invested in more than 200 companies with Internet-based business models and has made a significant profit over the years.

Having understood the fragility of the fiat monetary system, Saidler & Co. became an early investor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2013. For millennia, governing systems repeatedly debased their currencies to accommodate more spending. Every time, this resulted in the destruction of fiat currencies. Following the end of the gold standard in 1971, the world is witnessing the end of another of these cycles, which will bring about the end of today's monetary systems.

Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, offer a unique opportunity to break this cycle and create a sound monetary system. Bitcoin in particular presents a unique opportunity to break this cycle and create a sound monetary system. Through its immutable mathematical attributes, it has a fixed supply of 21 million, regardless of human influence. Coupled with the security, freedom and convenience it provides, Bitcoin has all the features required to be the future’s decentralized reserve asset.

Driven by the conviction that cryptocurrencies will become the basis of a new monetary system, Saidler & Co. has spearheaded investments into crypto assets and their broader ecosystem. This visionary strategy has made Saidler & Co. a leading investor in the cryptocurrency space and has financially benefited the firm, its partners and co-investors.

The Art of Anticipation

Cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the blockchain technology are transforming the global economy by revolutionizing its monetary and financial systems.

Understanding the implications of this systemic change requires expert analysis and visionary insight. It is this combination that has put Saidler & Co. at the forefront of disruptive change and will solidify its role as a leading Swiss investment firm.

Think Differently

Saidler & Co. fosters the ability to think differently as an integral part of the working methods: understand movements and trends, form your own opinion, build convictions without blindly following the crowd and act accordingly. An understanding of disruptive change, rooted in long-term thinking, has let Martin Saidler build a uniquely successful family controlled investment firm in under three decades.

Culture of Partnership

At the core of Saidler & Co.'s business are close and trusted relationships with its partners, co-investors, managers and stakeholders. Saidler & Co. always invests its own capital alongside its partners and co-investors. Following the principle of "skin the game", we aim to create a culture of partnership in which our interests are fully aligned with the interests of our partners.